Revo-Cap | 38mm Cap


One of the toughest obstacles about taking your medicine or daily vitamins is removing the foil seal.  Removing the foil seal can be a painful and frustrating process.  Blackhawk Molding has addressed this dilemma with our patented Revo-cap. The Revo-cap’s unique design makes the process of removing the foil seal effortless.   

  • Removes and retains foil within the cap effortlessly

38mm Ring Style, Tab Style and Quad Style small package closures are available in the foam or foil lined styles listed below. Foil lined caps offer maximum tamper evidence and leak protection. Foil lined caps can be applied by using your present equipment and a heat induction system.

Available foil liners are as follows:
38mm cap T-foil liner
  • Standard T-Foil
  • Standard Disc Foil
  • Multi Resin Material Compatible T-Foil - HDPE, PET & PVC
  • Multi Resin Material Compatible Disc-Foil - HDPE, PET & PVC

Custom Liner options are also available.

For further questions please contact your local sales representative or Contact Customer service at 630 458 2100 or email

No Label Options Available