Traditional Bottle Cap | 55mm Cap


This traditional cap is the industry standard for quality and performance. As a result of our continuous engineering program, it's even better. The cap has evolved to meet the needs of the water industry. Available with foam liners and a choice of colors. Custom Labeling is an option.

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3 Gal, 5 Gal, Traditional caps are available with our standard foam liners for superior leak protection. The foam liner material used by Blackhawk Molding is expanded closed cell Polyethylene with a Non AZD blowing agent. This foam is compliant with the European directive. All liner materials are FDA approved for contact with food.

Traditional Closure Option Traditional Closure Option


Label Options

Blackhawk Molding Co., Inc. offers custom printed labels for all of our closures. These labels allow you to advertise your company and your products. Begin by providing Blackhawk a rough layout of your design and your choice of colors. Label designs are acceptable on a computer disk. Contact Blackhawk to obtain our disk preparation requirements. There is a one (1) time charge for camera-ready artwork and plates. Blackhawk can print up to three (3) colors per label and we can have your custom label ready to be applied to your cap order within two (2) weeks after receiving your camera ready artwork's approval.

55mm Kleen Peel Label 55mm Traditional Paper Label
55mm Caps Kleen-Peel™ Label is a non-adhesive polypropylene material for use on all of Blackhawk’s 55mm SafeGard™ Caps Paper Labels for 55mm Crown Top (Traditional Style) Caps are available with the standard food grade varnish finish or a polypropylene film

Kleen Peel Labels
Our tamper evident, non-adhesive patented Kleen-Peel™ label is bonded to SafeGard™ caps. Since the label is adhesive free, it removes easily and once removed, it cannot be reapplied. The label will not stick to the bottle or cooler. This results in improved production efficiencies and increased customer satisfaction. Kleen-Peel™ labels can be customized with your company logo. There is a one time charge for artwork and plates. Just one more Blackhawk innovation.

Kleen Peel Label Option

PMS 465C
PMS 877C
PMS 327C
PMS 186C
PMS 347C
Light Blue
PMS 2720C
PMS 7405C
Bright Pink
PMS 7423C
Light Orange
PMS 716C
Rodimin Red
PMS 674C
Water Blue
PMS 2925C