Fresh Strip | Specialty Bottle Cap | BlackHawk Molding

Fresh Strip

This program involves a white/natural ringless SuperQuad closure with a color coded adhesive backed strip over the top and of the closure and bottle neck. This packaging system uses the proven leak avoidance technology of our SuperQuad closure but replaces the tamper evident band with a color coded strip. This allows the customer to visually identify each product on the shelves while increasing efficiencies in the bottling process.

  • Increased capping efficiencies
  • Less down time associated to changing cap colors 
  • Increased logistic efficiencies
  • 40% increase of closures per box
  • Resulting in fewer shipments 
  • Greener packaging with less material
  • Elimination of tamper evident band results in and 18% decrease of resin 
  • Visually and functionally tamper evident  

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