Blackhawk Molding New Labeling Information

Posted by: developer
Jun 2012

Blackhawk Molding is in the process of converting the current closure information that has been printed on the box to a new labeling information sticker. This should help our customers identify what type of product is in the box they have ordered. The label will have a photo of the closure on two sides of the box to allow for easy identification. The photo will show the color of the cap and if the cap has a label, the cap label. The below information corresponds to the light gray numbers on the label.

  1. Shipping origination address
  2. Customer Address
  3. Closure style
  4. Closure color
  5. Quantity in box
  6. Manufacturing information
  7. Photo of closure
  1. Color abbreviation
  2. Manufacturing month
  3. Part number
  4. Box number
  5. Lot number
  6. Sales order number
  7. Ship date


Blackhawk chart