Beverage Cap | Water Cap

Beverage Cap

Blackhawk Molding has addressed the industries desire for a drop ring cap with great success by introducing THE Beverage Cap.  THE Beverage cap has the same internal components, functionality, and dependability as our proven Super Quad closure.  THE Beverage Cap was engineered to be compatible with all of our current capping lines and equipment. 

  • The Beverage cap experience
  • Superior leak avoidance
  • Tamper evident band retained on the bottle
  • Same internal components, functionality, and dependability as our proven Super Quad closure
  • Low torque removal
  • Compatible with most straight-line capping systems

The Beverage Cap is available in an array of colors. The Beverage cap comes in three styles: plug, foam, and foil lined. The Beverage cap can also be custom labeled. 

For further questions please contact your local sales representative or Contact Customer service at 630 458 2100 or email

38mm Ring Style, Tab Style and Quad Style small package closures are available in the foam or foil lined styles listed below. Foil lined caps offer maximum tamper evidence and leak protection. Foil lined caps can be applied by using your present equipment and a heat induction system.

Available foam and foil liners are as follows:
38mm cap foam liner 38mm cap T-foil liner
  • Standard Foam Liner
  • Citric Acid Resistant Foam Liner
  • Standard T-Foil
  • Standard Disc Foil
  • Multi Resin Material Compatible T-Foil - HDPE, PET & PVC
  • Multi Resin Material Compatible Disc-Foil - HDPE, PET & PVC

Blackhawk Molding Co., Inc. offers custom printed labels for all of our closures. These labels allow you to advertise your company and your products. Begin by providing Blackhawk a rough layout of your design and your choice of colors. Label designs are acceptable on a computer disk. Contact Blackhawk to obtain our disk preparation requirements. There is a one (1) time charge for camera-ready artwork and plates. Blackhawk can print up to three (3) colors per label and we can have your custom label ready to be applied to your cap order within two (2) weeks after receiving your camera ready artwork's approval.

33mm and 38mm Paper Labels 38mm Direct Print Label

Paper Labels for all 33mm and 38mm Caps are also available with the standard food grade varnish finish or a polypropylene film

Direct print in one color on the 38mm Caps with standard food grade inks

Gold MGL
PMS 872C
PMS 186C
PMS 1545C
PMS 688C
Bright Pink
PMS 7423C
Light Orange
PMS 716C
Rodimin Red
PMS 674C
Water Blue
PMS 2925C