Blackhawk has its own engineering group which designs and develops its customer’s product-related production line systems, such as, parts orientation equipment, feeders, chutes, blow-molding mold components, assembly machines, etc. Blackhawk also has its own captive tool room and mold making department for building production injection molds as well as compete prototype, design, engineering and mold making capabilities.

This allows Blackhawk to build and maintain all of our tooling requirements throughout the United States and the World. Additionally, Blackhawk has the ability to build custom molds for anyone interested in bringing their own custom packaging idea to market.

Blackhawk Molding has supplied 38mm tamper evident ratchet finish caps to Hillside Plastics for many years. Hillside’s application is for a premium hot fill product and our customers were experiencing occasional spin by, and shipping failures. We approached Blackhawk with our unique issue and Blackhawk evaluated the problem, recommended a solution and SOLVED THE PROBLEM!!

In solving the problem, the folks at Blackhawk Molding really listened and cared about getting the details correct. The result was a custom molded closure AND Blackhawk ALSO took on a secondary lining process which improved our lead time. The new improved cap has been on the market for the last year and we’ve received nothing but compliments from our customer base. A true success story. Needless to say, we at Hillside are delighted to be associated with Blackhawk Molding and look forward to increasing our business together for many years to come.

- Pete Haas President of Hillside Plastics, Inc.