Q: Where are you located?
A: We have 4 locations: Addison, IL, Mayflower, AR, Sparks, NV and Lodz, Poland

Q: What style and size caps do you make?
A: You can see all our caps on our product page by clicking here.

Q: Do you comply with the requirements of FDA Title 21 CFR Parts 175-178?
A: Yes All materials used in production of our products comply with requirements of DGA Title 21 CFR Parts 175 – 18 regulations. Our domestic facilities and manufacturing practices are inspected and certified as conforming for production of dairy closures by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Q: Are you SQF certified?
A: Yes, all 3 of our US plants are SQF 2000 certified. To reach this and maintain this certification we undergo rigorous annual external third party audits as well as an annual internal audit. Our SQF certification insures that Blackhawk customers are always receiving excellent safe quality food packaging.

Q: How can I get samples of your closures?
A: Contact our sales group at info@blackhawkmolding.com or Tel. 630-458-2100 Fax: 630-543-1905

Q: Where can I purchase bottles with your neck finish?
A: Contact our Sales Group at info@blackhawkmolding.com. They will have a technical rep provide you with bottle manufacturers in your area.

Q: Do you export your closures?
A: Yes we have customers worldwide using our closures

Q: How do I place an order?
A: Contact Customer Service for assistance:
Email: customerservice@blackhawkmolding.com
Fax: 630-543-1905
Phone: 630-458-2100

Q: How do I know my order was placed?
A: A member of our Customer Service team will send you a sales order confirmation with the expected ship date

Q: How do I know my order was shipped?
A: A member of our Customer Service team will email you the shipping details within 24 hours of your order being shipped

Q: How do I setup an account with Blackhawk?
A: Contact our Customer Service team for assistance
Email: customerservice@blackhawkmolding.com
Phone: 630-458-2100

Q: Can I get custom labeled or printed caps?
A: Yes, Contact our customer service group for details and artwork instructions

Q: How many colors do you have for caps?
A: This is dependent on which product you are inquiring about. You can view all of the colors for each product in our product section of the website. Be aware that the colors you may be viewing may appear different on your computer screen.

Q: Are custom colors available?
A: Yes. There may be additional costs based on the complexity of the color you are requesting and the anticipated volume for the custom color along with a lengthy testing procedure to ensure the custom color passes all of our rigorous quality tests.

Q: What is the price of your caps?
A: Contact your local sales representative or contact customer service at 630-458-2100 or email info@blackhawkmolding.com and they will process your individual needs.

Q: What is the minimum order I can place?
A: We have a $500 minimum per order placed

Q: Will Blackhawk arrange the freight for my order?
A: Yes, Customer Service will arrange and invoice the freight on your invoice for the product. Or you can choose to use your own carrier and pay the transport company direct.