Capping Equipment

STS cappers

Blackhawk’s patented STS capping system is manufactured in our state of the art tool room at our Addison facility. Blackhawks desired to have a simple and effective capping system to be exclusively available to our customers. The STS cappers are powered by a direct drive capping system.

STS Cappers

STS capping system capping experience:

  • Very clean and consistent capping operation
    • Due to the design of our capping chucks they are easy to clean.
    • Generates low bacteria counts in the capping environment.
  • Clutch-less system
    • STS cappers are run on a direct drive system
    • No need for individual torque adjustment
    • No downtime disassembling and assembling magnetic chucks
  • Easy to use
    • Simple and effective with minimal moving parts
    • Install and let them run

Capping Chuck Houses

Our capping chuck houses were designed with simplicity in mind. There are only 4 components that comprise our chuck houses.

STS Cappers STS Cappers
  • Grande pin- allows for easy disassembly from the capping units for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Spring actuator- when the cap and bottle are presented to the actuator it activates the capping jaws that grip and tighten the cap on the bottle.
  • Capper jaws- are designed with serrations that marry with the closure to insure consistent capping.
  • Hygienic drain holes- allows for the capping chucks to be fully cleaned in CIP tanks and drained, evacuating excess material and bacteria.

Blackhawk manufactures, supplies, maintains, and services all of these components for our customers. Any questions regarding our STS capping equipment please contact