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Blow Molding Bottles - Part 1

Blow molding HDPE bottles is a challenging task when blowing products that must be consistent with a mated closure. Before any SuperQuad caps are shipped to a new customer, a survey is taken by Blackhawk engineers. The survey includes assessing blow moldi

Blow Molding Bottles - Part 2

Blow molding HDPE bottles is a challenging task when blowing products that must be consistent with a mated closure. This is the second installment in blow molding bottle issues when changing settings in the blow molding process. Gram Weight The Blac

Bottle Lip Sealing Issues

The HDPE bottle lip surface and “I” opening play a critical role in sealing the bottle contents. When a smooth clean surface is produced and the critical bottle tolerances are in specification, a plug style closure will have a positive sealing application

Bull Gear in Capper Turret

The Bull Gear is the integral component that allows the STS Cappers to perform in tightening Blackhawk’s SuperQuad cap. The gear is in an enclosure, located on the capping turret and cannot be seen. This unit is sometimes neglected and will create a major

Cap Pick Off

The cap pick off is very important component during the capping application. This is the section on the filler where the caps are placed on the bottle. If this section on the filler is not set up properly, the capping application will result with various

CHA’s Component Wear

The Chuck Housing Assembly (CHA) is the work horse mechanism behind Blackhawk’s Security Twist System. Tightening thousands of closures over an extended period generates universal wear on the internal component by moving up and down and side to side. The

Chuck Housing Identification

My name is Robert Komperda. I will be creating the quarterly “Blackhawk Bulletin” for our customers. This bulletin is designed to be inserted into a three ring binder. The bulletin will contain information that will help inform our customer’s on a variety

Cleaning the Chuck Housing Assembly

Dairies perform an excellent job in cleaning and sanitizing their filling equipment day in and day out. Cleaning the Chuck Housing Assembly (CHA) is as important as cleaning the filler itself. This is the last mechanical piece of equipment that engages th

Collapsing the Bottle Neck Finish

Collapsing the bottle neck finish will have major production issues. When the neck is distorted, the cap pick off setting is compromised causing the cap to bottle engagement to be miss-applied resulting in a poor cap to be applied correctly. This issue ca

Overloading the Rotary Feeding Equipment

The production day at a dairy is beginning to take shape. But, before this even takes place, dairies have the arduous task of cleaning the equipment and filling lines to ensure the product is safe from harmful bacteria. This is a very time consuming task

Partial Carton Identifier

This bulletin addresses concerns of how to handle and regulate partial cartons of caps. When an operator runs across an open partially filled box the operator is suspicious and not sure what to do. Are these rejected parts? Was this box accidentally loade

Rotating Cap Inventory

Time to start fresh with a “New Year’s” resolution. As we begin the New Year, we make resolutions. The problem in keeping resolutions is the discipline to maintain them; easier said than done. Rotating cap inventory is the resolution. When shipments of

STS Capper Gear and Bearings

The STS Cappers are the units that tighten and secure the Blackhawk SuperQuad caps on current SuperQuad bottles. The virtually maintenance free units are made to withstand the harsh conditions at the dairies. Over years of use, some of the key components

Blackhawk Molding New Labeling Information

Blackhawk Molding is in the process of converting the current closure information that has been printed on the box to a new labeling information sticker. This should help our customers identify what type of product is in the box they have ordered.