Chuck Housing Identification

Posted by: developer
Jan 2013

My name is Robert Komperda. I will be creating the quarterly “Blackhawk Bulletin” for our customers. This bulletin is designed to be inserted into a three ring binder. The bulletin will contain information that will help inform our customer’s on a variety of topics that they may or may not be aware of. My goal is to have our customer’s use this bulletin as a reference from time to time if an issue arises.

The capping component in the filling line is called the Chuck Housing Assembly (CHA). The Chuck Housing Assembly (CHA) is designed to tighten caps to seal the bottle contents. Multiple CHA’s are used at the customer’s plant. Some customer’s may have a single filling line while other customer’s have multiple filling lines. A customer that has multiple filling lines may have various production rates on each line resulting in various wear on CHA’s. This will present a problem regarding wear on CHA’s from one line to the next line dependant on production rates. When removing the CHA’s for the evening cleaning to the COP tank, commingling the CHA’s from multiple lines in the COP is a good possibility. Commingling CHA’s between filling lines will result in loose or cocked caps which will result in leakers. We have a solution.

It is important to keep the CHA’s in the same “group”. The CHA’s identification will be stamped on the bottom side of the Chuck Actuator. It has a four digit code and below the code is either a one or two digit number or letter. The number(s) or letters are stamped for a specific group. These groups need to be kept together.

For example if a customer has two, six head capping units, the CHA identification will be marked on the bottom side of the Chuck Actuator (see photo) with two different letters. It is important to keep all of the Chuck Housing Assemblies with the same letter in a “group”. This will keep the wear consistent on that “group” of CHA’s as opposed to wearing unevenly. A customer that has a six head and a 10 head capping unit, the CHA identification will be marked on the bottom side of the Chuck Actuator (see photo) with either a single digit or two digits.

Chuck Code

When the CHA’s are worn out and the set needs to be replaced, contact Blackhawk’s Customer Service Department (630)-543-1905 for re-ordering CHA’s. A couple of questions will need to be answered which will generate a specific Chuck Code for the specific filling line.