Technical Support

  • Preliminary survey's on new customers.
  • Surveying existing capping equipment & blow mold operation.
  • Blowing bottles to determine proper neck sizing for potential customers or existing customers going to different size packages.
  • Determining proper equipment after initial survey for running our Super Quad.
  • Working with outside equipment vendors on delivering the total package.
  • Assist on converting equipment & blow mold neck finishes.
  • Bottle & equipment auditing on current customers.

Technical Services Department:

Facilities / Equipment Survey

Our technical services staff visits the facilities of potential new customers and assesses existing equipment for conditions, applicability and convertibility to the caps change proposed. Equipment needs and costs are assessed. Blackhawk and the customer then partner in making the change with Blackhawk's Technical Services Department consulting all the way through the process and after. The various parts of the survey typically include evaluation of capping, cap feeding systems and blow molding equipment.

Consulting Services

Our Technical Services Department has over 100 years of combined experience in working on the technical aspects of our caps and capping business. We are intimate with capping equipment and blow molding equipment including working with many prominent equipment suppliers. Our consulting goes from concept to planning, to ordering, to installation, to ongoing support. As long as you are our customer, we walk down the road with you.


Training is a major activity of the Technical Services Department. We believe that our customers should be fully equipped to trouble shoot their own packaging lines. A recipient of our "one of a kind" training will be able to measure bottles and caps and evaluate the equipment interface. The person will be able to determine the root cause of any capping problem. Is it the bottle? Is it the cap? Is it the equipment? When the cause of a problem is determined usually solutions are not far behind.

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Customer Service Department

Blackhawk's Customer Service Department is highly trained and well positioned to assist our customers. Areas of service and expertise include:

  • Order placement and coordination
  • Color selection
  • Labeling from artwork to the label itself
  • Coordinating transportation and freight forwarding

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